The last few weeks have gone fast due to the trip to Northern Ireland and Spring Break from the 30th till the 4th.  In the days between the time in Northern Ireland and on holiday, Jon and I continued our studies. 

Tuesday, after reading in the morning, we went out with Graham to a lovely old town called Culross.  Culross is five hundred years old!  It still has cobblestone roadways and Holland-inspired houses.  Here is an  interesting fact about the roads: down the center of the road large stones were used for the laying of the road, these stones were significantly easier to walk on compared to the right or left of the road that was built out of smaller stones that made the walk rough.   The history behind this is: if you had money and paid taxes then you were allowed to walk down the center of the road walking pleasantly on the larger stone pathway, but if you did not have enough money to pay taxes then you were not allowed to walk on the larger stones, instead you were forced to make do with the bumpy road made out of smaller stones.  The houses were surprisingly bright in color and had roofs that reminded me of roofs that you would find in a country such as Spain; this was due to the Holland inspiration of the architecture.  After a wee walk around Culross, we hopped back in the car and went to a park that was paid for by Andrew Carnegie, a rich millionaire from the States.

Wednesday I had an all day rugby tournament that went well.  We played three games- lost the first two but finished well by beating Stirling University in our last game. 

Thursday morning my mom and grandma arrived at the airport, so Beth and I went to pick them up, and that afternoon we had our last class till after break.

Friday, mums and tots took place as normal.  Play-doh was the main event this week.  In Covenant Kids Club we went over the miracle of Jesus healing two blind men in Matthew 9: 27.  To finish the day up Paul Wright from Ulster came over and blessed us with a talk on the significance of Christ’s actions on the cross.  Over the weekend I got to show my mom around Airdrie and Glasgow while my grandma was visiting her cousin in Northern Ireland.  Over break my mom, grandma, and I made our way down to London while Jon visited Edinburgh and York.

This week is a normal study week until the Go team (a group of people from Northern Ireland) comes over to help pass out flyers for our mission week (a week that has sermons during the week in the evenings).


Holiday was fun but it is good to be back.


Christy Lear