This week, in terms of apparent enjoyment, has been one of the most prominent.  Christy and I were given a week of break from school!  No reading or classes required, and, if we could arrange what we needed, we were allowed to travel to wherever we wished.

Christy’s mother and grandmother came over from the States at the end of last week to visit, and they all went traveling this week.  I believe that they were visiting a castle, and they also spent a few days in London.

For my part, I spent a few days not doing much but catching up on some sleep and doing some reading for fun. Monday and Thursday, though, I did a lot of traveling.  On Monday, I went into Edinburgh by train.  Most of that day was spent wandering and looking around the city.  Also I followed CTI tradition and bought a kilt. 

Thursday was even better for traveling.  With a lot of help from wise, old Tim, I booked a train ticket and took a day trip to York, England.  Not as prominent as London, but it was a great trip and a lovely city.  Even the train ride itself was pretty good, despite being very long.  It’s been a great week.

Jon Key