This blog is incredibly overdue.   Well, we were busy over the weekend.   Sue me.

Anyhoo, last week, Beth, Christy, and I went to Northern Ireland for a conference about John Calvin.   Since neither Christy nor I had been to Northern Ireland before, this was also a great chance to do some site-seeing.

The conference itself was pretty good.  It mentioned some misconceptions about Calvin and cleared them up.  The speakers also talked about Calvin’s views on certain topics.  I don’t remember all of them, but the thing that stuck out to me the most was that Calvin kept in close contact with the churches that he was partnered with.  He would send letters occasionally to encourage other pastors to keep up their work, or correct them as needed.  It struck me that in the modern day, churches are very independent of one another and don’t seem to have much contact outside of certain events. Maybe this should be changed, though I’m not sure how.

As for site-seeing, we visited a couple of places, each amazing in its own way.  I liked best Dunluce Castle, a castle built by a Scottish clan (I believe it was the MacDonalds).  Though little more than a ruin, it was still amazing to look at.  Also, White Rocks beach was awesome, too.  The beach was beautiful, and the sea was lovely.  I’m really thankful that, except for the last day, we had great weather, perfect for touring.  Though I kinda wish the wind could’ve waited just one more day.  Then I wouldn’t have gotten seasick on the boat ride back.

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