Wow, this is the 8th blog that Christy and I have written.  That means that we’ve officially been here for 8 weeks, half of the time that we are here for.   Hmm…It doesn’t really feel like we’ve been in Scotland for two months, but obviously we have.   Time flies. 

For the last few weeks, we’ve been reading, among other things, about the person of Jesus Christ and the qualities He had.   Contrary to some religions and heresies, the Bible teaches that Jesus was fully divine and possessed all of God’s power, yet fully human and able to experience all the things we do.    HOW this is possible, I don’t truly understand.   But if the Bible says that Jesus was fully God and fully human, that’s good enough for me.

For our trip this Wednesday, Jimmy Fisher and his daughter, Debbie, took us to the People’s Palace in Glasgow and Summerlee in Coatbridge, both of which are museums.   While we were in Coatbridge, we went on a quick tour into an old coal mine that was used when mining was still a major business.  The conditions of the mine were depressingly poor by today’s standards, and I really feel bad for the men who had to work in them.

Christy and I have been helping some of the CY members with Kid’s Club, a ministry for the wee kids in the Church.   This Friday was interesting because Christy and I were assigned to teach the lesson, Christy with the older kids, me with the younger ones.   Based on the fact that none of the other leaders told us never to come back afterwards, I suppose we did well enough.

Jon Key