This week we continued our normal schedule of reading in the mornings and classes in the afternoon.  After an eventful week last week, it was going to be a fairly normal week- at least so I thought.  Tuesday afternoon I caught the stomach bug that was going around.  Wednesday I slept all day, recovering from being ill, but Jon somehow avoided getting sick and went to the Kelvingrove art gallery and museum with Graham.  He said that he enjoyed the skeletal structures and models the most because they demonstrated God’s power.  Thursday the bug passed, and the week ended normally.  Class on Thursday was great.  The things we’re going over in class are foundational ideas, but are so critical in our understanding of who God is – which in turns effects our understanding of who we are.  Friday morning the church hall was packed with mums and tots.  By Friday evening the hall was buzzing again with the Covenant Kids program.  In this program the kids are learning about the miracles of Jesus Christ.  This week we went over the healing of the ten lepers, but only one came back to thank Jesus praising God.  The night didn’t end there.  George Johnston came over from Northern Ireland to talk to us teens about being in the world, but not of it by looking at the verse Romans 12:2.  Saturday I had a rare opportunity to go to Murrayfield Stadium and watch the six nations rugby match with my rugby team (Scotland 26- Italy 6).  It was definitely one of the coolest things to see the professionals play.  It was very exciting and left me in need for rest on the Lord’s Day.    

Christy Lear