This week at CTI, we did something a little different.  Instead of spending most mornings reading for four hours and then discussing it in class, we went in depth with one subject in particular: Covenanting History.  Our friend from church, Jimmy Fisher, and his daughter, Hayley, joined us for the week.

On Monday Andrew gave us a relatively quick view of the history of the Covenanters, covering all the major events that occurred and the important names that had a factor during those times. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we went to a large number of sites such as where important events like martyrdoms occurred, or where battles were fought, and memorials to people who lived during those times.  We went to a lot of different places including St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Bothwell, and Muirkirk.

It made me sad to think of all the people who were killed for their faith back in the 15-1600s.  All of those people killed because a few men decided that that they wanted to be head over the church and wouldn’t tolerate anyone who didn’t give them that.  The people who died were mostly simple men and women who loved God more than they feared men, and they paid for that with their lives.  Yet, it’s encouraging for me.  They were simple people who wanted God’s glory to be seen and that’s my desire, too.  I think that to be that dedicated to God is an amazing thing, and that’s what I wish to always pursue.

Jon Key