Monday was a normal day: reading from 9-1, lunch break, and then our theology class with Andrew.  Normally I have rugby from 6:30-8:30, but it was cancelled because the pitch was frozen.  I hung out at my flat and caught up on some John Piper sermons; Jon went to his MET. 

Tuesday – more reading, which I think is getting better and better- CTI will turn you into a reader.  Dick and Susan returned to Scotland, so Jon and I had our first class with Dick.  It was different than with Andrew, but still very good. We discussed modernity in the Church along with why it’s important to know how to defend what you believe.  That night for dinner I got to show off my cooking skills.  Beth is such a good cook, but I wanted to cook for her so Beth, Jon, David, and I had dinner.  Afterwards Jon went to his Gaelic lessons while the rest of us watched a film. 

Wednesday we ended reading early in order for Sam to take us to Edinburgh.  Sam walked us around town introducing us to many possible future Saturday events.  He showed us where the art museums are, the national bank of Scotland museum, the Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish parliament building, he showed us the main streets of Princess Street and George Street, the house of John Knox, and finally we went in the Edinburgh Cathedral.  Sam treated us to a nice Italian dinner to end the day. 

Thursday contained more good reading and a great class in the afternoon.  After class I rushed off to rugby practice.  It was a more intense practice then normally, but very fun.  After practice I hung out with some girls on the team to celebrate a birthday.  It was the first time I felt like I connected with the girls, so it was one of my favorite nights. 

Friday I had class with Beth and then took a nap, had kids club, and then for CY we had pizza and watched the film Iron Man. 

Today I volunteered again at Salvation Army for the morning, did some cleaning around the flat, watched the England vs. Wales rugby game over at the Quigley’s house, and then Jon and I finished the day by cleaning up the Church.

Overall, I love studying over here. It’s already been an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Christy Lear