Life has continued to be fairly similar to our previous weeks.  We’re going over books in class, and Andrew helps us to understand what we’re reading and asks questions to make us think deeper about what it means to us and how we should relate to life in the church.  Much of it is stuff that’s core to being a Christian, but I’d never learned before such as the characteristics of God, so I’m enjoying reading, even if I don’t understand all of it. 

This week has been pretty neat because I’ve started doing some stuff that I’m loving.  For one, Andrew has started Christy, David, and I on our own Bible Studies.  I’m doing a chapter of Proverbs and Psalms each day, and it’s really starting to help my walk with God.  Also, thanks to Beth, I was able to start taking Gaelic lessons in Airdrie.  I’ve only had one lesson so far, and I didn’t pick up much that I can put here (pronunciation and spelling is vastly different from English), but it’s a lot of fun and the people are friendly.

For our trip this week, Jimmy Fisher took David, Christy, and I to a small village called New Lanark.  It was founded by a man named Robert Owens as a place where the lower class of people could have a pretty good life.  Most of the jobs were based around a cotton mill built by Owens. Owens himself was a pretty decent man who came up with ideas and labor practices that improved the existing situation including how women and children are treated in the working place. 

Hanging out with the CY kids is also a lot fun.  Besides spending time with them for play, David and I are leading some of the boys, Tristan, Josh, and Connor, in a weekly Bible study. It’s a little hard because I don’t feel like I’m doing much, but the boys are having a good time learning and discussing what we read.  It’s very encouraging to see kids so interested in learning about God’s Word.

Jon Key