This week was full of activity.  It is the first week that I actually felt 100% “settled in”.  Class began to get more specific and personal as we started the book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney, which made class all the better.  I never thought of myself as a reader, but reading for about 4 hours on weekday mornings is very easily addictive.  I find myself reading books for fun during the weekend free hours to relax.  What a great habit.

            Wednesday, Graham, an man from the Church, took us to Loch Lomond.  What a beautiful place.  The town of Luss had little cottages with garden gnomes decorating the bare, winter, flower beds.  The Loch was surrounded by tall, snow-kissed mountains and many sheep farms.  Jon and I enjoyed Graham’s history lesson about the Viking’s relationship to the Loch.  Apparently it was quite often invaded by Vikings.  In the words of the Scots, it was a “lovely” place.

              Rugby keeps me busy Monday and Thursday afternoon and evening, so before I knew it Friday was here.  Mums and Tots was very fun this week.  I am starting to learn and even remember some of the kid’s names while I read books and play with play dough with them.  That afternoon Jon and I had the privilege to help out a family of the Church by doing some ironing and cleaning floors.  From there we went straight to setting up and having Kids Club where we talked about Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine.  The night finished up by going out to Starbucks with CY (the youth group).  I discovered that there is something just as good as black coffee…lattes.

            Saturday was full for me this week. I got to volunteer at the Salvation Army Clothes Store for a majority of the day.  It was a great experience meeting and working with the ladies that ran the shop and seeing people in need benefiting from the organization.

            Sunday was a well needed and enjoyed day of rest.  Pastor Andrew preached with sincerity about the need of Godly parenting through Proverbs 1 in the morning.  That afternoon, Jon, David, Tim, Stephen, and I were blessed by the hospitality of the Alexander family.  After a full meal, a time of chatting, and some rest, Pastor Andrew preached on Jesus and Bartimaeus (Mark 10: 46, Luke 18: 35).  God reminded us through Pastor Andrew that we are in need because we are dead, and dead people can’t make themselves alive, so we must cling to Jesus; He is our only opportunity to be made alive.  What a great message; for salvation and sanctification. 

Christy Lear