This week, we had our first few lecture sessions with Andrew.  It’s way different from normal class lectures because there are only about four people.  I also find it different from the homeschooling I did in grade school since most of that was independent study, not lecture.  The stuff we’re covering is very deep in theology, so it can be a challenge to understand.  But I think it is important to understand theology so one can understand what he/she believes and can have that belief grounded in the Bible.

            For our trip this week, Sam, a member of the church congregation, took us to Glasgow to see the grounds around the Pollok House and the Burrell Collection.  We unfortunately did not get to go inside the Pollok House because it is very expensive, but we did get to see the Burrell collection.  Because the original owner of these items was a business man who would have his agents purchase rare, ancient items when traveling, there were artifacts from many different place and cultures in the world.  Paintings, burial items, carpets, furniture, and much more besides.  My personal favorite was an Italian broadsword. 

            This week has also been pretty cool for me because both of my roommates, Tim and David, came last week and I am starting to get to know them better.  This week, it was Tim’s birthday.  To celebrate, Christy, Beth, David, and I met Wise, Old Tim, at a Friday’s in Glasgow, had supper, and later went back to our cottage and hung out there for a few hours.  It was a good time.

            David has actually started studying a few books with Christy and I, so it is good to have him in class and get his input on things.  David is also taking a ministry internship with the church, and, as part of my own internship, I’ll be helping him with various things.  For example, yesterday we went to the hospital to check on some flyers that had been put up, and last night we led Conner, Josh, and, Tristan, three boys from the CY, in a Bible study. 

            After we finished, we went with the rest of the CY to play Laser Tag in Glasgow.  It was a lot of fun even if there were these two random kids working together to beat the rest of us pretty badly.  Afterward, we got back to church, and I went with a couple of people to go get something from the gas station.  It was good night for starting to build bonds.


Jon Key