Well, this is my final day in Scotland.  There are no amount of words that can describe the awesome time I had here.  I know for a fact, that if the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Airdrie didn’t do all that it has done for Ryan, Dave, and myself  none of us would have had as good of a time as we did.  The people in the congregation were more then happy to serve us by taking us on a trip every Wednesday, inviting us into their home to serve us a meal every Sunday, and being there to share their wisdom and their life story.  They do this because they know how important it is to serve one another as Christ served us.  Christ has been doing great things with the lives of those who are in the congregation.  I can only hope and pray that it is God’s plan for me to come back here in the future.

I am so fortunate to have come to Scotland and learnt so many things by reading the books and attending the classes here.  The books we read were fantastic, and I have learned a lot from every book.  But, I know that if Andrew and Dick didn’t have the passion to teach what is important in God’s eyes the learning would have been not as good or fruitful.  The guys want to see young men and women grow in the Lord, and they will challenge you out of pure love.  Teachers like this are hard to find.  I will never forget the things I learned here, because I know that they will prove useful in the future.  These men are responsible for leading by example (as Christ did) and show the importance of serving one another to the congregation.  I feel that Andrew has done a lot for this congregation for Christ’s glory.  May God bless the spreading of His Church and continue to bless the Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church, forever!

Rocco Palmerine