I thank the Lord for my time at Airdrie.  During the last four months the Church has opened up their hearts, their doors, and their tables to Rocco, Ryan, and myself.  I can honestly say that before I did the CTI course I was still very much a young theologian, I knew what I believed, and I knew why I believed it, but with the help of the classes, books, and fellowship with other believers I now understand my faith with a deeper knowledge and a deeper conviction.  Scotland’s history is something that has got many a mention on the Semester in Scotland and everyone who has come on the CTI program has been able to study and learn about this great and glorious time.  One thing that you find about men like John Knox and Andrew Melville is just how stubborn and sometimes downright rude they can come across, shouting and pointing fingers, complaining about this and that, but when you realise that these men did all these things for the Glory of God, you see how great God’s Grace is.  John Knox has always been a hated figure in history.  I personally have met even Christians who despise this great man.  He is seen as too harsh, or too extreme.  What can I say?  You find Knox extreme?  Turn your eyes to the Law of God!  Knox feared no man, the Covenanters who lived for Christ feared no men, they feared God.  They feared Him who has the power to destroy both body and soul.  This is probably the most important thing that I have learnt during my time here: we are to fear no one, our fear is to be aimed at God, the Great, Almighty, Sovereign God.  Men and women will hate us , we will be mocked, and we will not look “cool” in the eyes of the world.  This is just a consequence to our great calling to follow our master.

Something else I have learnt over here is the need for faith.  Simply faith to read and believe.  We have been looking at various different books and reading about many subjects.  All throughout this time we read of God’s Will, His commands, and His desire for us.  It is so easy to read but sometimes hard to believe, we forget that the God who led the Children of Israel from the land of Egypt is indeed the same God that fellowships with us, once we know and believe it, will we act upon it.  The METS in the Church have been a great way for us to see this.  We have been looking at Exodus and have been sharing our love for each other through the study of God’s Word.  Moses has been of great comfort but also of great conviction as we have studied his call to do God’s Will.  Like Moses we can have so little confidence in what we can do, we read about the desires that God has for us and like Moses fear that we can never amount to do such things, but as Moses made excuse after excuse the Lord’s anger burned against him.  God reminded Moses of who he was, a mere created being, and reminded Moses of who He was, the Great God of all things.  Moses then obeyed and went from a timid shepherd to a messenger from God who stood before the most powerful man in the world and fearlessly and proudly proclaimed the Word of God.  We fear the work in the field, we fear it is too much for us, but like the Blessed Apostle we can say “His Grace is sufficient for me”.  God pours out his love to those who love to do His will.

 Leaving for home has excited me.  I look forward to seeing my family.  To embrace my Father, to kiss my Mother, and to give my little brother the advice I can to keep him on the narrow way.  Tim said something so significant to me when I first arrived, I asked him if he missed his family, his reply was quick and sobering, “The Church is my family”.

 I have received great blessings from my time here.  Living with three Americans and sharing thanksgiving with the rest of the American members of the Church really did touch my heart (and fill my stomach).  I have made so many new friends and felt the love of my brothers and my sisters here in Airdrie, I love them all and I want to lose none.

 In Christ,
David Duly