This will be my last blog for the CTI programme, sadly.  My time in Scotland these last four months has been amazing.  I have learned so many things.  I have seen many things too.  Scotland is a great nation to come and visit.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to experience another culture.  The United Kingdom is the place to go.  I will miss not being here.  It’s been another home for me this Fall.  The people here in Airdrie have cared, served, and loved me while I have been here.  I will definitely miss them. God is doing so many great things at the RP Church here.  The congregation is truly seeking after God.  You see it in how they interact with each other.   You see it in their personal lives.  I praise God for my time here and the people I have met.  I have gained more family members in Christ this Fall.
    You may ask me, what will I take away from the CTI program?  There are so many things I could highlight, but I will focus on a few.  Christians must be seeking to become more like Christ, seeking holiness, truly leaving this world and following God only, being separate and different from the world. We must love each other, because Christ loved us first.  Also we must learn from failures in evangelism, not being afraid to fail.  We trust in God for salvation of people. Finally, seeing the beauty in the Law of the Lord and learning about the love through it.  These virtues have been reflected off the people in the Church.  I will take all these things back to my home and apply them to my life.  I will also take back the friendships I made.  Just being in a different country has taught me a lot about cultures.  I see similarities and I see differences, but I love experiencing different countries.  Of course, America is my home, but for awhile, the UK was too.
    Scottish History has taught me too.  The Reformers/Covenanters have taught me about Christian disciplines.  They showed me the importance of the kingship of Christ.  He is king over all including world leaders. They showed me a nation can be changed by the Gospel.  They showed me the importance of knowing the Scriptures.  The poor, common man of that time would tell priests how they were wrong and what the Bible said.  The Bible makes the uneducated educated.  They showed me the world will hate you.  The majority of Scotland either has forgotten the Reformers or view them as terrorists.  They showed me the Christian life is not easy.   Sometimes people will seek to end your life because of your faith.  You must look towards the Heavenly Kingdom and not to this world.  You must not fear death, but fear a Holy God.  Trust in Him and know there is no victory in death.  My life isn’t over after it.  I will never forget the men and women of the Scottish Reformations.
    The moral of the story is I praise God for the time I had in Scotland.  I’ve loved my time here, and I will miss the RP Church of Airdrie.  I will make sure I stay connected to the people of Scotland, and God willing, I will return someday.  Thank you Lord for your blessings, and thank you the people of Airdrie for your love.

1Corinthians 11:1-Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.

In Christ,