We had a great time this week.  The three CTI students went to Dave’s house in Northern Ireland last weekend!  He toured us around his hometown, a coastal town called Whitehead.  It was beautiful.  We walked along the Irish coast and came across caves and a lighthouse that looked stereotypical of a Northern Irish town.  We went to his home church and had fellowship there.  We went into Belfast and walked through the town and saw some great sites.  They built a great outdoor mall where you can walk up all these steps to get a great view of the city.

The best part was that we got to meet Dave’s awesome family.  His father was a patriotic Ulsterman, who made me laugh on more than one occasion.  Dave’s father and I had a great discussion about theology (he is a retired RP minister), and we also talked about the differences between American and European politics.  We were up until three in the morning chatting about the different worldviews.  It was great to hear the point of view from an someone who has been around the block and could tell me the European worldview.  His mother was always trying to make us (Ryan and I) feel at home and tried to make us happy all the time by feeding us and providing for us.  His brother was great as well.  We played video games with him and had some great laughs with him.

Also, this week we went to Stirling.  You may have heard of this town because it was in Braveheart.  Two great battles were fought there for Scotland’s freedom.  We also went to the Wallace Monument.  That was great fun.  We had to walk 246 steps to get to the top of it.  It had three levels to it though.  Each level gave you more information about William Wallace and what he did.  There was also in the Monument a hall of Scotland’s heroes, like John Knox and others.  When you get up to the top you can see the whole city from up there.  The sight is amazing.

God’s creation is so great and beautiful.  It doesn’t matter if you are in Northern Ireland, on top of the Wallace Monument, or in your home; God’s creation is so great and shows that God is the creator of the world.

Rocco Palmerine