I’M BACK!!  Hey blog readers, this is Ryan Dewey writing another CTI blog.  You know a lot of people love their nation’s flag.  I know a lot of Americans have the stars and stripes outside of their homes.  I see it over here too.  The Scots are very proud and patriotic about their country.  The Northern Irish also love to see their flag hung up.  Yet when I first got here, I didn’t think much about the Scottish flag.  It was just a white X with a blue background.  But that view quickly changed when I found out that X was the St. Andrew’s cross.  Andrew was none other than one of the twelve apostles who followed Jesus.  Now all of the apostles were martyred except for John.  Andrew was crucified.  But he refused to be crucified the way Jesus was.  It shows us the respect and honour he had for the Lord.  To him, Christ was going to be the only one who died on a crucifix shaped like a lowercase T.  So Andrew died on an X shaped crucifix.  So that is how the X became the St. Andrew’s cross.
Why would Scotland have their flag be the St. Andrews cross?  According to legend, in 832 A.D. King Angus led the Scots in battle against the Angles.  King Angus and his men were surrounded and he prayed for deliverance. During the night Saint Andrew appeared to Angus and assured him of victory. On the following morning a white X against the background of a blue sky appeared to both sides. The Scots were heartened by this, but the Angles lost confidence and were defeated. This design has been the Scottish flag ever since.
It’s a neat story, but I don’t think about that when I see the flag.  I think of the Reformation that happened here, how the country was changed by God and His Word, how the whole nation made a covenant to God that they will serve him alone, and that He would be King over all.  I also see martyrs for Christ, men and women who were willing to die for Christ and His Kingdom.  The Scottish flag represents the power of God and His Word that brings salvation to many.

Sadly most of Europe, including Scotland, has fallen since the Reformation days, but what does this prove.  This proves that men cannot keep covenants on their own power.  Scotland broke their covenant because they are humans.  All humans are born sinners and immediately run away from God and His grace.  Think back to Abraham and the covenant God made with him.  Who sealed the covenant and promised to keep it, was it Abraham?  No, it was God.  And God kept His promise by bringing Jesus to earth.  Christ brought the new covenant on His shoulders by dying for sinners, then rising from the grave on the third day.  This covenant will never be destroyed or broken because God has and is keeping it.  I give the Scottish reformers credit for trying to get their nation to follow the covenant they made, but it failed in the long run because humans are sinful and without the spirit of God they will never obey God.  I’m not trying to take anything away from the Reformers, I praise God for these men and women He raised up to show that God is real and Christ is King over all.  But sadly over here in Scotland their history seems ancient
and forgotten to its people.  They don’t look at their flag the same way I do. 

Does this mean we should give up and say, “Well, the Reformers couldn’t keep their nations faithful for God forever, so I guess we shouldn’t even try?”  Certainly not!  It’s not our job to convert nations to God.  That’s the Holy Spirit’s job.  God calls us to teach and preach God’s Word and Gospel throughout the entire world.  That’s what the Reformers did.

Evangelism isn’t a game of numbers.  It’s not even about success.  It’s about sharing the message of Christ with people and letting God convict them about it.  We can’t get into someone’s heart, only God can.  I praise Him for that because it takes all the pressure off us.  But we shouldn’t be lazy about it because God changes sinners.  He uses us as tools.  So I pray that we will look at the Scottish flag and see the glory of God through it and how God changed a whole country like
Scotland into ambassadors for Christ.  More importantly, I pray we will share the Gospel throughout the world, and never stop no matter success or failure because God gets the glory and uses us for His good.

Rom 8:38-39  For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

In Christ,
Ryan Dewey