Last week CTI went to a coal mining museum.  A member of the Church took us; his name was George.  It was really coal (haha…play on words) to see how the working men of Scotland provided for their family.   We went down in mock shafts to see what it was like, and it was really neat and cramped.   It reminded me of home because western PA was huge into coal mining.   It was a great time to have fun, learn some history, and learn about George.   One of the most exciting things for me on our Wednesday trips is to learn more about the people who are in the congregation.   I learned a lot about George, and his family, and how he came to Christ.   He is a great man because he is a follower of Christ.

After our trip to the museum we went to George’s house, and he and his wife fed all three of us until we couldn’t eat anymore!   George and his wife are great, and so is everyone who attends the Airdrie Church.   They treat us like family because they truly understand that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ no matter what part of the world we are from.   Church family is important to the congregation, and it should be important to all of us.   It is important to them because it is important to Christ.   As a man who wants to go into the pastorate, I see how I would like my congregation to look if and whenever God blesses me with one.   May God have the glory!

Seeing this and reading the books that we are reading, I see myself growing and maturing.   Lately, I have learned about worship in our reading; so often people say they will worship God how they want to worship him, even though God has told us how he wants to be worshiped.   We do what is right in our own eyes, which in the Old Testament didn’t work out well.   We are to worship God how He wants to be worshiped.   Too often churches want to make the people happy, so the church compromises things in order to keep the people happy.   Sadly, in America we have seen the compromising of the Gospel in order to keep people happy by doing away with hard teachings.   The purpose of church is to worship God, how He wants to, not how we want to.   We are sinful, and the way we want to worship God is faulty because we are sinful.  It is hard enough to worship God the way He wants without our sin getting in the way, let alone denying how God wants to be worshiped and replacing it with the way we think God should be worshiped.   The Gospel must be preached.  The Gospel in short is: God created everything and man; man was to worship God; man turned his back on God and did what was right in his own eyes; God calls this sin and all men are sinful and spiritually dead in their sins and deserve hell; man has no hope in himself to be forgiven of his sin; God in His love sent Jesus Christ, a perfect representative because he was 100% God and 100% man, who then was sacrificed in our place; this sacrifice was the satisfying of God’s wrath against human sin; anyone who believes that Christ was and did these things may have eternal life because their sins are forgiven.   This is the Gospel in short.   Even though it is very basic, some churches have forgotten to preach the essentials and foundations of the Christian faith.  They preach in order to make people feel good and happy about themselves…this is not the Gospel.   God has a wrath that must be satisfied.   If you do not believe in Jesus Christ and the things that He is and has done God’s wrath will fall on you.   Amen.

Rocco Palmerine