A great comfort for the Christian is to remember that the Lord not only has plans for us, but that He also has plans for the next generation.  We can smile and remember that the Lord’s plans do not simply end when we pass on to heaven, but that He has already laid out His plans for the Christians that will follow in the years to come.   Isaiah 40 vs.11, reads, He will feed His flock like a Shepherd, He will gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom and gently lead those with young.  The Lord looks down on His children and as members of His flock we are sure that His hand with be there to comfort and to nurture us.  As the child seeks help and love from its parents, so we can also turn to our Father the shepherd of our soul.


The CTI course requires us to be active among the life of the church, this means that we have to knuckle down and get  involved in the church’s activities.  I am helping out with the Covenant Kids Club on Fridays.  It has been a great encouragement to see how active and how dedicated  the teenagers of the congregation are in terms of their dedication to the Club.  The young people are willing to lay aside their free time to meet, discuss, and prepare the organisation of the  Kids Club.  I exhort all who read this blog to remember to pray for these teenagers, thanking God for His work in their lives and also to strengthen them to deal with the difficulties in their lives.  Also give thanks for the faithful attendance of the children who come to the Club, pray that they will hear and obey.


Our lectures and studies continue, and we are steadily making our way through the books, the chapters are getting bigger, but God provides us with all the aid we need!


The CTI team had another cracking day trip with Graham (The Legend) Russell.  After the previous week we were hesitant to think that Graham could top the day trip to the Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh, but somehow he managed to do it!   We visited Culross, a small village that has pretty much remained the same for about 400 years, it really did feel as if we had been transported back in time – maybe Graham’s car really is the Tardis!  We also got to see some of the set and film crew who were filming a remake of The 39 Steps and some lovely vintage cars!  (Graham knew what he was doing!).  We then visited the Forth  Railway Bridge, an incredible bridge that really was an impressive sight to see!   


Dunfermline Abbey was the next spot on the journey!  We had a nice stroll around the park and had some great laughs watching the squirrels going crazy for the peanuts that Graham had brought.  Inside we were able to see where Robert the Bruce was buried.  I had learnt about him in school, and I found it hard to think that I was standing at his grave.  Linlithgow Palace was hit next by the team and Graham ever ready with his wisdom, was able to fill us in on the history of  the building, giving us details about who had stayed there and the area surrounding the palace.  It was impressive to think of the lives , the people and the changes that had happened in Scotland in such a short period of time.  It really is interesting to think that God’s plan and His Hand was getting the land ready for the Reformation.


You would think that Graham would give us a rest from this awesome tour of Scotland’s finest historical and national treasures, but he had one more treasure to show us!  His sweet collection of wedding cars, the cars were superb!  These cars were fantastic looking and for once I envied the married man!  The day was brilliant as throughout the day we were able to get some terrific fellowship, and we had plenty of laughs!  One thing Graham knows how to do is entertain!


Fellowship is a great gift! To God give the Glory (Psalm 105 1-3)


David Duly