We are at the fourth week in the CTI program, and I can not begin to explain the enjoyment, the spiritual growth, and the fellowship that all the CTI students have encountered thus far.  This past weekend the whole congregation went to a retreat weekend.  Never in my life have I gone to a retreat where a congregation has spent a whole weekend in fellowship with one another, in order that the congregation can become a family as Christ has intended for His Bride.  I got to know the congregation this week and got into conversations with some of the members and was able to talk about their testimonies and how they came to know Christ and how they ended up in the Church.  I was able to give my testimony to the younger people of the congregation and was able to have casual conversations about what life is like in America.  All who attended the weekend had fun; we played games, we had a concert, we ate together, but most importantly we were able to hear the Word of God together everyday!

All the games were done in pairs or in groups.  The games helped you get to know the people who are in the congregation better.  The camp offered to teach some of us to do some archery which I gladly accepted (I didn’t get a bull’s-eye).  Dewey and I played football (soccer) with the native Scots and they beat us!   But, the one thing the whole congregation was able to do was memorize John 15:12, “This is my commandment; that you love one another as I have loved you.”  Andrew preached on this verse and what it means to actually follow it.  He told us that we are sinners and don’t deserve love, but Christ loves His children anyway.  It is this reason that we are even able to love another, because Christ first loved us.  We must depend on Christ, and remember the love Christ has for us; this is how we are able to love one another.  This was the theme of the weekend, and I believe it was carried out at the weekend.

I enjoyed having fellowship with people from a different culture.  It just shows that God’s redemption nature reaches beyond the oceans, the mountains, and the land.  I may have left my family back home in the USA, but I know that I have a family here in Airdrie; they are my brothers and sisters in Christ.