Greetings blog readers!  My name is David  Duly, and I am 21 years old, and I come from Northern Ireland.  Unlike the other two students doing the course, I am coming out of a work background and not from an educational one.   Last year I had the privilege to sit in on some of the seminars that were being held, and I was strongly convicted that I should be bringing myself to study and examine the doctrines of Christianity.  Well, here I am.


We have all settled into Tim’s house quite comfortably, and we are all really thankful to God for the great times of fellowship that we have already had with the congregation. We really are thankful for the great welcome we have received.  This week we went on a trip to Loch Lomond and spent Wednesday afternoon with Jimmy Fisher.  The time we spent around the beauty of God’s Creation provoked us to discuss the Creator, His love, His mercy, and our families.  It was a greatly rewarding experience as we all know Jimmy from the Church but to spend an afternoon with him was great fun and a great time of brotherly fellowship for all of us.


We are continuing to read through our books and this week the seminars have started. We all have been greatly strengthened and challenged by these seminars.  We are all eager to express our views and discuss the many doctrinal views we have been studying.  Reverend Quigley has been great in provoking us to read, think, and meditate on Christ’s Kingdom.


This week we were able to meet and talk to Pastor Sakai from the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Japan.  While talking to him it really impressed upon my mind the true fellowship that we all can experience in Christ and how he has gathered us from all the ends of the earth.  To think that here in Airdrie Church we have not just Scottish but also American, Irish, and Japanese all brought together in Christ.  Praise God!