My name is Rocco, and I arrived in Scotland about a week ago, to learn about the Christian ministry and to learn how Scotland formed the Reformation.  I am a pre-seminary major at Geneva College, and I wanted to go to Scotland because I felt that I wouldn’t have an opportunity like this ever again.   Also, the UK churches are falling apart and experts say that the US is 10 years behind the UK.   If I will be doing ministry 10 years from now, I thought it best to see what it might be like.

When I arrived, I was welcomed warmly by Dick Knodel, an American who is living in Scotland because he feels called by God to be here.   He was able to point things out to me on the way to Airdrie like the rivers and landscape.   The country is beautiful with its rolling hills that have greener grass then anywhere else in the USA.  Two other men have joined me on this academic adventure: a friend from Geneva, Ryan, and a new friend from Northern Ireland, David.   In this short time we have become good friends and brothers in Christ.

We are learning about Reformed evangelism, the life and study of Paul, Scottish Reformation history, and a ministry practicum.   Also, every Wednesday a member of the church will take all of us on a trip to a tourist destination in Scotland.   Yesterday, the guys and I went to Dumbarton Castle which was very cool since we have no Castles in America.   There was a lot of history in the Castle, for instance William Wallace was there when he was fighting against the English.  

I am having a great time so far, and I love being here.  I look forward to my remaining time here.