Even though Brenda wrote the “last blog,” Andrew still asked each one of us to write a final paragraph.

Brenton Green – Overall, my time here has been a time of growth and maturity, both mentally and spiritually. It has been a time of the further development of my character and leadership skills, which God has given me. As I return home in about a week’s time, I look back and realize that this was a vital step in life, which caused me to put my faith and dependence on Him through every circumstance. God has caused me to rely on Him when no one was around, and when Satan and His demons tempted me. This time has given me clarity of thought into my calling of what I am going to do. I thank God, the leaders at the Reformed Presbyterian Church, and Geneva College, for the opportunity to attend the CTI program in Scotland.   

Jasmine Martin – I listen to the rain falling outside the window of my home in California, and it’s reminding me of Scotland. It’s hard to believe that the time has gone by so fast.  I know that I am not the same person I was before I went to Scotland, I have grown in so many ways. God has caused me to be bolder, less fearful, and more trusting than I once was. Even through times when it seemed like our efforts were futile, feeling like you were nothing more than a dead weight, or you were not contributing anything to the benefit of others, you were, in fact, having a big impact on all those around you. God uses us in ways we don’t see, and probably never will see. Just because we are unaware of what He is doing through us doesn’t mean that we should give up and go home. Rather, we press on toward the goal that He has set before us. Whether you are stuck in a small, cramped room reading a never ending list of books, listening to lectures, assisting with mums and tots or CY, or simply listening to a friend share their struggles and praying with them, God has put you in that particular place at that precise time for a reason. We touch each other, encourage one another, and share the love that He has given us. I learned so much from my studies with CTI, I learned even more with my encounters with the people involved.