Well everyone, in less than a week we will all be back in our own countries.  That slightly depresses me, not that I won’t be glad to see my family and everything, it will just be sad to leave here.  I’m always sad whenever I leave Airdrie, but I figure I always come back again before too long, so it’s not so bad.  Jasmine leaves us on Saturday and the rest of us leave on Monday.  Ok, enough about leaving…

This past week we had our normal reading and seminars and we also went ice skating in Glasgow with the Covenanter Youth group and we went into Edinburgh on Saturday.  The best part of that day was that it SNOWED!!!  It was so exciting!!

So, for this week we finish up our last week of reading and seminars.  It is our last week in that little classroom that has basically been our home for the past semester.  It’s amazing to think about how much of our time we’ve been in that classroom this semester.  In less than a week there’ll be no more days spent in that tiny, freezing (or boiling depending on how long the heater has been on) classroom.  Even though it has gotten a little old spending large amounts of time in that classroom, I still like it.  I’ve learned a lot in that little classroom and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.  If I was to try to tell you all that I have learned this semester, I would have trouble thinking of an answer that would be able to summarize it all.  Stephen actually asked me the question a couple weeks ago along the lines of “what have you learned so far?”  I couldn’t really give him an answer because I had no idea where to start.  So if you’re going to see any of us when we return home again and you want to ask that question, make sure you have a few minutes to hear the answer because I don’t think it’ll be a very quick one.

On the schedule for the rest of this week we have presentations on Thursday, and dinner and a ceilidh on Saturday.  Please pray for Jasmine as she flies out on Saturday and for the rest of us as we fly (or maybe take the boat in Stephen’s case) out on Monday.  Also pray that we will remember the things we’ve learned this semester and that we would apply them to our lives when we get home.  

I think this is the last post of the semester.  Thanks for reading!  Come to Scotland and do CTI!  Sending your college-aged kids is also acceptable.  Tell your friends!  Oh, and Reformation Tours is also strongly recommended.  You’ll find all the links on the right hand side of this page. 😉