Can you recall a specific time in your life when you felt like you learned quite a lot? Maybe a class taught you to think in a way you have never learned before or maybe a circumstance somewhere along the way changed your perspective on life? What about these moments make it to be so life changing? I bet these experiences made you anxious or scared or maybe you originally were opposed to learning something new. It’s in these places and situations and with these people that really put our faith into action, by challenging us to rely on God and trusting that He is in control and thus strengthen us as Christians. What better way to deepen your love and devotion to Christ?

…This week was a bit uneventful, especially compared to last week’s Reformation Tour (which was amazing!) Last night, the CY ministry started up again. CY is the Covenanter Youth—the ministry geared towards the teenagers. Carla Quigley organized games we played; teams against teams would play to win the most points. Things got a bit crazy in clean up… a whole lot of cereal and milk ended up on the street and pavement outside the church’s steps. I found it quite amusing.

I do enjoy riding the train to Glasgow, it’s only a 30 minute ride which seems like no time at all. Jasmine and I did some window shopping last weekend there. Tomorrow we hope to go to one of the free art museums in the city and come back for a Mexican Food Night at our flat.

Oh yes, I’d like to also announce that the boys have moved into their house! But I’ll let them tell you about that….

But anyway, I love this program; CTI has really changed my thinking pattern. How? God has equipped others to show me what I need to know and how I can grow as a disciple of Christ. I cannot thank God enough for placing me here—for I know this was God’s calling for me—because of the people I have met, topics I have discussed, things I have observed, and activities I have participated in. May I encourage you, in turn, to pray that God will lead you to where he wants you to be and that He would give you the courage to run after these things?

I’d love to go on and on, but I must just mention one truth I have come to understand much deeper while being here: that EVERYTHING be to God’s glory. Nothing we do is for “us”— it’s all for Him.

❤ Heather